So, I just had this thought in the shower, the setting of Portal is the Computer Aided Enrichment Center - the CAEC. Try saying that out loud.

I imagine some of the tech guys probably used that instead of saying Computer Aided…


What exactly kind of world is this that I have to watch what my characters say or else someone gets offended? Isn’t it normal for people to like, make mistakes? To challenge taboos? To faux pas all over the bloody place? To be stupid or forgetful or ditzy? Yeah, I have psychotic, misogynistic, selfish, angry, bitter, abusive, cruel, murderous, weak, timid, and broken characters. That is part of who they are or part of who they were, and that means something more in the moments they muster up all the good and all of the strength inside them to do something that transcends all that… allows them to prove that, yeah they might have flaws and stumble, but they also have strengths that shine even more because of their shortcomings.

In short, if you don’t like it, don’t fuss. There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like someone else as an individual, but that doesn’t mean either of them is better than the other.







Reminder to anyone going to San Diego Comic Con to NOT make a side trip to Sea World.

If you are not going please tell anyone you know to not go.

This is very important considering this is one if the biggest conventions and people from all over come to it.

I understand…

What a crock. SeaWorld takes excellent care of its animals. The fact it’s a, I don’t know, KILLER WHALE is the primary reason people have suffered from attacks. You don’t screw around with an animal that big without training…and even then, it’s an animal that doesn’t know right from wrong and is just doing what comes naturally, and sometimes outside of predictable parameters. Sea World has done its absolute best to see to the well-being of these creatures and some Hollywood harbinger of hella-dough isn’t going to stop a conservation-minded organization because of an 80-minute feel-reel. Fund the hell out of this company, people. This bull is completely ignoring the countless contributions SeaWorld makes for the safety of animals all over the States, like manatees, beached whales, stranded dolphins and so much more.

I do plan on finding some way to see this film, though, to be fair. I want to see what’s being said and if it actually holds water.

No pun intended.

…I’m really sad you feel that way. I don’t know how you put trust in a multi-billion dollar company that hides so many facts from everyone else, that inbreeds and abuses its whales (not talking about the other animals here) and puts up fronts of aiding conservation with a couple small contributions with the smaller animals (and then getting tax benefits.)

If they really cared, they would stop feeding audiences false facts about orcas to make their conditions seem humane and their reduced lifespans normal. They would not capture wild orcas. They would not rip the babies from their mothers, who shouldn’t have been bred at such a young age regardless.

They would stop masturbating Tilikum, with two deaths under his belt, (though I don’t believe he was born with a mental problem) and having that lineage spread to everyone else. And selling that sperm to other parks, because wow, orca sperm sells for a lot when other organizations are clambering to get into the business!

Blackfish plays at the emotions of the audience too much, but it doesn’t mean the facts aren’t true. And there’s way more than what the movie covers. Look at any anti-cap cetacean blog, and see for yourself.

Considering what I’ve seen first-hand at the park as an employee, I’m limited to what I’ve seen out in the field, but I am aware of more than the general public would be.

All the same, I did a little research on the BLACKFISH site and saw what I could find there, which did get me curious to learn more about what the other side has to say.

I do not approve of animal cruelty, and I do get that big-arse mammals (like the cetaceans in question) being held in a relatively small place is not ideal. Just like zoos. Or aviaries. Or reptile houses. Or heck, housepets. Not unlike a kid keeping a goldfish in a tiny bowl for a pet. Which is done a hell of a lot more often and no one cares about that. You can break this down the ladder as far as you want, really. PETA being involved with this immediately cheeses me off and has me wanting to blind-eye the issue, considering their hyperactive involvement in completely irrelevant issues, like the humane treatment of fictional video game monsters.

Bitterness aside, I really do intend to actually give this doc a full viewing and assess what comes from that, but right now I’m being especially cynical of anything about this until I’ve done some more research for myself.

Alright, but just going to add: PETA’s involvement does not make the issue any less important. It makes it annoying as fuck to deal with them in the way, but doesn’t detract from the importance of the issue.

Zoos that are protecting endangered species? Awesome. Plenty of others zoos? Not so much. There are those that are trying to help, and there are those that exploit the animals to make money.

There are plenty of people on Tumblr that care about the misinformation with goldfish/bettas living in a bowl, it’s just that a lack of knowledge by consumers, plus pet-store employees assuring that it’s fine and normal (as they are taught to make sales) are the reasons for it. Like a small-scale version of Seaworld. Except! Cetaceans are vastly intelligent and may form bonds possibly deeper than humans can, if the studies of the brain show anything. This does not excuse the abuse of the fish, but there is a slight priority toward the orca, in my opinion.

Also, people not researching and getting pets that need larger space requirements than what they can provide is a giant pet peeve of mine and a problem. But that’s another subject. You can’t compare zoos/parks and pets.

Large mammals in tiny spaces isn’t an issue of not being ideal, it’s an issue of downright cruelty. Orcas are known to swim for miles and miles, with their family, not strangers, every day. There have been no documented orca attacks in the wild (though I will admit it’s a matter of not being able to get close, unless you’re in a boat.)

I don’t know what they’re telling you as an employee, but… just give it some thought.

I follow. PETA isn’t the only one affiliated with this, nor is it an accurate portrayal of how other animal rights groups function. I do wish they’d sod off, though.

I am giving the entire notion some thought, and plan to stew over this for a while still. No one has told me anything apart from my speaking with you and what I’ve looked into concerning BLACKFISH and what I have seen (not been told) with my own eyes. Granted, deceit is not a new trait in humanity, so I’m sure there is a much that goes on behind closed doors that many workers have no idea about. (See: Disney. |D)

All the same, I love animals and I love even more the happy ones. I understand that one can only maintain a tank so big while offering access to see such a large creature in a controlled environment, but I do wish there was some way to find a happy medium. The dolphins at least have a tank with simulated terrain/plants under the water…it would be nice if they could do something like that for Shamu and his friends…at the very least. e.e Because that tank is pretty downright banal to be stuck in for years, to understate that entirely. 



I think about pokemon in non-battle situations a lot. Like pokemon who have been trained/raised to be helpers and assistants than to be battle partners.

Pokemon visiting hospitals to cheer patience up like dogs and cats do. Or ones that help kids learn to read, speak, swim, go through therapy?! Even pokemon who’s abilities help owners with specific disabilities?!

I love thinking of pokemon outside of battle situations.

I absolutely love this ;w; Awww…